Sunday, March 22, 2009

Of Note Yesterday

- I had jet lag.

- Rico and I slept late for the first time in ages.

- I confirmed our suspicion that Nina is a stinky kitten by nature, and there seems to be nothing we can do about her foul-smelling rear end since it is spotless and regularly licked clean by both Pria and Nina herself.

- I finally satiated my months-long craving for crab meat (everywhere we'd go to try and eat crab lately, they'd be out).

- I was given two really incredible hardcover books on jewelry and jewelry techniques by a friend.

- Said friend accidentally locked his keys in the trunk of his Mercedes while getting out my presents.

- Rico made friends with 2 guards and a police officer while drinking beer and standing in the parking lot of Zambi to be sure nobody drove off with our friend's car.

- Meanwhile, friend and I went on a tour of Maputo rounding up all the spare Mercedes keys at his house, his dad's house, the office, etc. to try and open his car.

- I was bitten on the hand by a miniature poodle (that belongs to the father of our friend) while minding my own business sitting in the driveway of his house during the Great Key Roundup.

- Yappy little shit (the poodle, not our friend or friend's father).

- Rico and I brainstormed and made some exciting plans for the next year or so. We always do our best scheming over a glass of wine and a meal, it happens quite naturally.

- I went to bed too late, fueling yet another cycle of jet lag for the coming week.

- I vowed to get some work done today (can't you see how well that's going given that I'm blogging right now?).

Right...I guess I really should get on that last one. Happy Sunday to you all.

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poppy fields said...

But blogging will get you in the mood for proposal writing, right?