Sunday, November 03, 2013

GRAND OPENING Ali Amaro | Art Jewelry & Objects

Pinch me, y'all. It's finally happening. After four intense years of preparation, I am opening a showroom for my jewelry and sculptural work. 

The grand opening is December 7th from 4-6pm. I wish you could all be here to celebrate with me!

If you're not in the Bay Area, new pieces will be available on the Ali Amaro website starting in late November.

Now back to work on graphic design, display tables, lighting, inventory selection and about 1,000 other details as we head into the final stretch of showroom preparations!

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Stacie said...

Congratulations!!!! I so wish I could be has been so, so, wonderful watching from afar you go after your dreams, sacrificing your time and energy for a dream that wouldn't go away.

I wish you all the best with much success!!!