Friday, April 06, 2012

It's All Downhill from Here

Every time I write that phrase I am unsure if it refers to things getting better/easier or things getting pretty shitty. I'm sort of convinced it can refer to both, which is strangely apt for how I feel about the rest of the semester at CCA.

This has been the hardest run yet in terms of studio work, but it's been a really emotional semester as well. Lots of family stuff, we've had a ton of house guests, I moved into a new workspace at home, I had my junior review.

Last week in particular was really tough. It started with 32 family members and friends coming into town for my grandmother's 90th birthday (fun and nice, but draining), then I had to prepare and install my junior review (a one-day gallery exposition on campus that shows my work thus far), then I went through the review itself (mixed feelings on this one, and definitely a post for another day), then on the heels of taking down the installation I had to whip two additional projects out of thin air for my jewelry classes.

Now I feel like I'm on the other side of the hardest part of this semester. I am relieved and feel less stressed and like the f-it button is on in a good way. But I am also mindful that I still have four final projects to design and make, and that I always underestimate how challenging and fast-paced the tail end of the semester can be.

Downhill, here I come.

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