Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring Early, Early Spring

The Bay Area is known for its mild, Mediterranean climate but what we're experiencing right now weather-wise is uncommonly warm even for these parts. Spring has fully sprung, several weeks early it seems, and as I look out the window I see daffodils in bloom, our plum tree covered with soft pink blossoms, and the neighbor's camellia studded with dark pink flowers. It's sunny, easily 70 degrees. Such a treat, although supposedly the weather is going to turn back to "normal" tomorrow and we'll get cooler temperatures and a bit of rain. We need it, really, but I will miss the sun and warmth. I am much happier with this kind of weather.

I thought about the phrase 'spring early' as I wrote the title to this post. That's really the philosophy I'm trying to embody this semester. Spring early. Don't put things off. Get things done today instead of constantly leaving them for tomorrow, or the next day. I've certainly gotten better about procrastinating, but it's akin to torture to have a day as gorgeous as what we're experiencing today and a to-do list a mile long that involves either being in the studio or in front of a computer. The urge to put tasks off until tomorrow is nearly impossible to resist. I've given in, in fact, and have decided not to go to the studio today so that I can enjoy a bit more time outside. Instead I'll write a paper today, prepare a presentation, work in my sketchbook. In theory, things I can do with my computer or sketchbook on my lap while sitting on the deck in the sun.

Tomorrow I'll spend all day in the studio. Feeling slightly stressed because I've procrastinated and left my jewelry project for the lastpossibleminute (I have to turn in a finished chasing and repoussé sample Monday afternoon). But still, a worthwhile tradeoff to enjoy a glorious day of early spring.

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