Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend on a Tuesday

I frequently lose track of what day it is (as in unsure whether it's Wednesday or Saturday, not the actual date).

Does this ever happen to you?

At least once a week I do a mix-up. Most recently I thought it was Tuesday when it was really Monday. And today (the *real* Tuesday) feels like a Saturday. You'd think that being in school with a regular class schedule would help, but alas the trend that started back in Moz when Rico and I were self-employed and working from home has only worsened. I think it's the fact that I keep funnier hours than ever, what with all the studio time I have to put in these days. I often work straight through weekends, only to have a random afternoon off mid-week that becomes relax-and-have-a-cocktail time.

Even worse than mixing up the days of the week? About a month ago, when school started, I mixed up what semester it was! Our teacher handed out the syllabus and, in front of the entire class, I helpfully let him know that all the dates were wrong. I saw a page full of "February" and "March" and for some crazy reason thought it was the previous semester, as if we were in the Fall and our professor had accidentally grabbed the Spring syllabus. Needless to say I was pretty embarrassed, and my classmates all looked at me like I'd gone insane.

Lack of sleep and unpredictable hours...they do a body good.


laundrygirl said...

This has happened to me quite a few times lately. Plus, I've noticed that because I keep such strange hours (lately working on sculpture until 3 AM) that I feel guilty or like a slacker for wanting to sleep even though the sun has come up and most people are up and living a 'normal' routine....

NOLA said...

I have no excuse, but I have absolutely no sense of day OR date. Maybe it's the lack of seasons? Or how I too often see people on the weekends that I see at work?

Lesson learned: I'll keep MY mouth shut when being helpful. :)

HM said...

I do this all the time! I think I lost track of the days after high school because I didn't have to write it down each day in the top right corner of a loose leaf page.

PS-BG sent me!