Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Want This Dress

I am seriously coveting this dress. It's the Two to Tango by Nanette Lepore. The cut, color and pattern are just about perfect in my book. Sigh...


aimee said...

very cute. i don't wear dresses much, but i'd wear this one, for sure.

Teej said...

Oh man, I second that. It's perfect. I LOVE the way the trim visually evokes a ruffle.

NOLA said...

That would look awesome on you!

And you deserve it!

I just had a dress made for me here in Liberia and went for fitting yesterday. It is AMAZING the difference of clothes that are actually made for my body as opposed to off-the-rack. Especially because my body type is not unusual here, and rather than trying to hide my "assets" it emphasizes them.

I'll likely never think of clothing the same way again!

So from this new perspective, I say this dress is made for you!

laundrygirl said...

Very cute! It totally looks like you!

Ali la Loca said...

~Aimee - Dresses are my favorite, but I'm having to find new ways to wear them here at Casa Cali because it's too cold most of the time to just put on a dress and go. You need layering, leggings, etc...still trying to figure that whole thing out!

~Teej - I know. Every time I look at it I love it just a bit more.

~NOLA - I first discovered the amazingness of custom-tailored clothes on our honeymoon to Vietnam. It makes such a difference, and if you are in a place where custom-made is affordable, go for it. In Moz we had a quality issue when trying to find good tailors (attention to detail was often lacking), but even so it made such a difference compared to clothing off the rack.

I want to see a photo of what you had made!

~Laundrygirl - Thanks! I still haven't forgotten that coffee - let's try to make it happen soon. I'm going to email you my schedule as soon as I get a breather in the next few days.