Thursday, June 14, 2007

Penultimate Day

Once again I sit here, cup of tea in hand, contemplating the massive task of packing suitcases that awaits me. I've set aside the entire day for packing, with the ultimate goal of being able to take the largest amount of things with me, all without exceeding the 50-pounds-per-bag limit (and therefore getting into sticky territory, namely excess baggage fees and not being able to readily lift and carry both suitcases by myself).

When I was younger, I used to love packing my bags in anticipation for a trip. I also used to love flying. It was all such an adventure.

Now I dread both packing and flying. Now regular and essential parts of my lifestyle, they are no longer signs of an adventure ahead.

I still hate unpacking. Always have, likely always will.

As I finish my cup of tea, select a few ripe apricots to have for breakfast, and look at my stuff strewn all about this house, I wonder - once again - where did the time go. I've been away from Mozambique for 2 months already. How did this happen? It seems it was just yesterday I was having a severe allergy attack after Dona Lidia pitched up at our door nearly collapsing with malaria. Rico took her to the clinic, I stayed home and finished packing and made chocolate-orange cake and chicken soup to pass the time.

Before I know it I'll be back in Maputo, with Rico and our sweet boys, starting the countdown for his extended trip to Rio in July. Seriously, the pack-unpack-hello-goodbye cycle never ends.


El Erik said...

Its goona be great tos ee you back in Moz. Hope you come to the north to visit me as well. Some great places!!!!

Lacithecat said...

Babes, I so understand what you mean. That is why I am fending my territory in London. I just can't keep doing it.

But good luck with the suitcases (or I hate such packing strategies) and have a good flight back. Have a pizza for me when you back ... just to remind me of the good times (actually I am suddenly really hungry!)

Much love,


Alina said...

Good luck with the packing and the flight Ali! And you are right, adventures tend to become common over the years.

Left-handed Trees... said...

Travel well...

Kristine said...

Sending thoughts and prayers your way as you gear up to travel back to Mozambique. I am glad I got a chance to meet you face-to-face. You are incredible.

Amber said...

I also hate unpacking. The bags always just sitthere for weeks! Stuff all over the place, falling out on the floor.


paris parfait said...

Yes, the travel would be quite wonderful, if not for the traveling! Safe journey, Ali. Will email you the minute the package arrives (see, I'm optimistic). :)

Ali la Loca said...

~El Erik - I look forward to having our next saideira!

~Lacithecat - I know. Funny, Maputo seems to be the place we´ll stay for a while yet. I´d have never guessed I´d end up here, but roots are roots anywhere, and I certainly can´t complain about our quality of life.

~Alina - It´s true, now getting on a plane to travel to another continent is simply no big deal.

~Left-Handed Trees - Thanks, D. Hope you are doing well, too.

~Amber - So, how´s the unpacking from the move coming along? :)

~Paris Parfait - Yes, please e-mail me. I will be optimistic as well.