Friday, May 14, 2010

Calling All Animal Lovers in Mozambique

If you are in the Maputo area, please stop by the May fair on Saturday, May 15th to help M.A.P.S., the first and only animal crelty prevention society in Mozambique. They have finally found a place to rent that is perfect for sheltering animals in need, and will provide loving care, veterinary services and potentially grooming/boarding to dogs, cats and other furry/scaled/feathered ones. M.A.P.S. is conducting a membership drive to help make their vision a reality.

The plight of animals in the Maputo area is particularly bad - lots of abuse and abandonment - not to mention the TERRIBLE cycle of selling neglected little puppies on the roadside to people with soft hearts who just can't resist rescuing an animal in need, despite knowing it just perpetuates the problem. M.A.P.S. will hopefully raise awareness and provide some much-needed services and support for Mozambique's animals and those who care about them.

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