Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer (a girl can hope, right?)

1. Moçambique3, 2. Astounding colors of glowing Coral Plant and its wondrous turquoise seeds, 3. 5 May 2007 Maputo Mozambique, 4. Periwinkles, 5. Pomegranate, 6. Indian Wedding, 7. Turquoise, 8. When I Think of New Mexico, 9. Fuschia Macro

Colors and senses inspiring (and inspired by) my latest jewelry designs. Lots of corals and turquoises and royal blues for summer. While it's no secret that I love strong colors, I find myself even more drawn to them now. I imgaine it's the direct result of spending an entire semester working with nothing but metal when it comes to jewelry designs!

Perhaps I'm also trying to coax the weather to become more summer-like here at Casa Cali. Apparently we are having an exceptionally wet, cool, and extended Winter/Spring period, which gives me some hope. Still, I am longing for pool weather in a major way!

1 comment:

Mandi said...

Loving these colors, can't wait to see the product of all your inspiration!