Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Plans

On my master to-do list for Summer 2010:
  • finish production for Fiesta jewelry collection
  • photograph and list new jewelry on my website
  • do a photography session with models wearing my jewelry
  • create a small ad campaign targeting jewelry clients in Mozambique
  • lots and lots of gardening
  • plant some squash
  • make blackberry jam with the berries from our garden
  • paint Rico/my mom's home office a nice steel blue
  • paint the tv room a dark amber-ish color
  • rip out carpet downstairs and install new wood flooring (together with Rico, obviously)
  • have a brazilian bbq
  • finish the drawing of my rehearsal dinner dress
  • organize my art supplies
  • get a better filing system for all of my papers
  • formalize my translation business
  • continue typing up my old journals
  • hang our hammock in the backyard
  • organize and print photos from our time in Mozambique
  • go hiking on a new trail
  • have an almond dessert party
  • get a massage
  • go to a friend's wedding in Houston
  • go to our cousin's wedding in Rio

Sounds like fun, no?


Anonymous said...

Houston?? Yay! When? Maybe we could have lunch?


NOLA said...

Ali, are you sure that Rico will look best in steel blue? ;)

Ah, I'm looking forward to ripping up carpet and refinishing a wood floor alone. Hmm ... maybe a husband sounds less repulsive to me than normal right now? lol

Sounds like a fun list!

Ali la Loca said...

~Rainbowlens - Our travel plans are a bit up in the air still, as we're trying to fly on award tickets. It would be great to meet for lunch! Email me a number where I can reach you. ali.b.amaro at gmail dot com

~NOLA - Actually, I think Rico will look best in a slightly darker, more saturated blue. ;) You crack me up. And yes, a husband comes in wonderfully handy when it comes time to rip up and replace flooring.