Saturday, June 26, 2010

La Vida Expatica #4: New Allegiances

After living abroad, one tends to develop patriotic love for countries other than one's own, leading to a crippling infirmity known as Copa mundialis indecisum.

What to do if, for example, the US were to play Brazil in the next round of games? (for the record, I think I'd support the US, if nothing else because I love a good underdog story.)

Or in the case of my friend Claudia, the poster child for international living, do you support Portugal, the UK, the US or one of the African teams?

Who are you rooting for this World Cup?


Masd said...

I also support underdogs.

NOLA said...

I'm rooting for them all to take off their shirts.

Meg said...

I'm USA all the way, my second favorite is Germany. Whenever they do meet up I root for the US, but know Germany will usually win. After that, Venezuela and Panama are not soccer nations, so I don't have to worry there. Go Deutschland! (I root for Germany because of my German sister, who lived with us during my senior year of high school).

Brandie said...

Yesterday was tough but I'm for Ghana all the way! If thy get kicked out, I'll be rooting for germany!

Mandi said...

I've been loyally following the US and Germany games -- and decided if they had to face off, I'd definitely have to go with the US (even though they probably would have no chance against Deutschland).

But even with the US out of the competition now, it's still fun to support the German team!

I was sitting in a train on my way home from the south of Germany yesterday during the match against England, and every time there was a goal, there was a chorus of text messages and phone calls throughout the train and inevitably someone would yell out the score. :) Even the train announcers would update us with every goal. Go Deutschland!

Ali la Loca said...

Looks like I've got a bunch of Deutschland supporters reading the blog!

Now that the US is out, my favorite is Brazil. Or long shot Ghana.

When the World Cup started, I had a hunch that Holland would win!

(NOLA, you crack me up!!)

Jody said...

WOW! Crazy so many ppl support Germany... I also like watching Germany play, mostly because they are good, but since my husband is Germany it is usually a house divided if they play against the US.

For the European Meistershaft in 2008 I felt sort of awkward when Germany and Austria played, because Austria has been my home now for the past 3 years. (I think Austria was in the WM though because they were hosting the thing with Schweiz).

Teri said...

Going for the Netherlands. :) But, I am also with NOLA.

Ali la Loca said...

~Jody - I think Germany will be in the finals for sure. They are playing so well...hopefully not well enough to take Brasil, though!

~Teri - We're missing the Brasil x Holland game tomorrow because we're going to be on a plane to New Mexico!!!! I can't believe I won't be able to watch.