Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I woke up very early this morning - 5:30 - to finish a term paper for my art history class. I'm so uninspired... I guess the lack of motivation for writing (something I usually love) is a sign that I'm ready for the semester to be over. Or at least for a giant coffee and the promise of some cute new clothes if I get all my work done. :)

The other day my friend Claudia and I were chatting on the phone and we came up with the concept of the "fashion carrot". We both use it to motivate ourselves. In my case, I've promised myself a trip to Anthropologie (I've never been to one of their stores before!) if I get straight A's this semester. Art school definitely isn't about the grades, but I know I'm an A-student, so the measure is really more about putting in the effort and giving my best rather than wanting a particular letter grade...and sometimes a little reward makes the process that much easier!

I'm hoping the above serves as an auto pep talk for this interminable paper I'm trying to write at the moment!

Okay, back to work.


--jenna said...

Excellent concept. Fashion carrot! So that's what I've been doing all these years... :)

Mbini said...

Please pass more of that motive-ation. Ihave an assignment due and 3 tests in 2 weeks. You would think I'm supposed to be doing work and not hanging around the net.

All the best with the fashion carrot. I need more than just that.

Anushka said...

I have read Motive-ate. Beautiful Concept. Thank you, for nice posting.