Monday, August 22, 2016

Invisalign Day Five

After five days of wearing invisalign, I feel slightly better than I did on day one. The hardest part is the social aspect of not being able to go out for extended eats and drinks. I also miss nursing a coffee in the morning, and having snacks throughout the day. Although in some ways, invisalign is the willpower I never had regarding food, so I am developing better habits and eating when I'm truly hungry as opposed to when I'm bored, lonely, anxious, procrastinating, or simply because it's there.

My mouth is a bit sore and my tongue is a little cut up, but nothing compared to the agony of metal braces. I've been really diligent about brushing and cleaning both my teeth and the aligners, so no complaints there (some people have issues with the trays becoming cloudy or gross). I've been using Dawn dish soap to scrub them, which seems to work quite well and is cheap and easy. My final complaint is that I still lisp a little bit, but it seems like others don't notice it the way I do.

To compensate for the self-consciousness of having weird stuff on my teeth and a small speech impediment, I got a haircut and have been ramping up the workouts and taking the time to do my makeup (no lipstick, though!! NOT compatible with invisalign). So I'm feeling fly and also feeling like such the ugly duckling. A funny combination, for sure...

Here's hoping I get more and more used to this.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

Ali, you're already sounding so much better about this. And that is only the second time I've seen the word "fly" used outside of "flying in the air" :)


Ali la Loca said...

~Marcia - Bit by bit it's getting easier to accept this new reality. Ufff. Here in California you hear 'fly' a lot! I'm probably too old to say it, though. ;)

Marco said...

Like you, I also had a hard time not being able to slowly drink my coffee like I want to. My wife says I don't complain about them ever hurting, but the truth is mine do sometimes. I'm very glad I went with Invisalign over conventional braces, though, because barely anyone notices them. Now, my job is to make sure the coffee doesn't stain them!