Thursday, March 15, 2012

About Spring Break

Today I turned in two projects and feel equal parts on top of the world ready to party and like I want to burrow away in a hole and sleep for four days straight.

Why happy? Because I finally, FINALLY, managed to finish not one but TWO projects to the point of 100% completion. Finishing my pieces has proven to be a huge struggle for me, not because I'm lazy or because I'm not a detail freak or that I somehow don't want to have totally fantastic presentable pieces in time for critique. Rather my designs tend to be more complicated than I realize, and I am always scrambling to get things together. More times than not there's a detail or three that I can't make happen. I don't have proper time to polish or patina or burnish the edges. But this week - THIS WEEK I PULLED IT TOGETHER.

Not once but TWICE.

DESERVING OF CAPITAL LETTERS because this is freaking monumental in my world, at least this semester. The feeling of finishing, properly finishing, was so delicious. I am finding a new minimal voice in my art, which is a relief. Clever design, simple execution, good results. This is my new goal. Forget the out-of-this world complicated projects. I just want to be done.

So I have one more project due tomorrow for my Lost and Found class (today's projects were for 3B and Casting). I'm not really that close to being finished, but I'm close enough. Tonight after my class I was so tired that all I wanted to do was go out to eat and drink some wine with Rico. Which is what we ended up doing. So now I feel relaxed and happy and like myself again.

I'm mindful that I have a ton of work still ahead for this last project to come together, but my alarm is set for 3:30am and I have a plan. :) And spring break is in sight, which gives me a nice boost of motivation.

Spring break. Ahhhhh, mini vacation. I'm so proud of myself. I'd already done some serious overbooking and I just went and unscheduled a bunch of stuff. Yes, unscheduled. Because what I really want to do for the next week is relax, organize my studio, work on my website, exercise, eat delicious stuff and spend time at home. I can't wait.

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