Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rainy Skies Ahead

My mom always told me these are called mackerel clouds, that when the sky is full of dots and cottony, spotted patterns it means a storm is coming.

These photos are from several months ago, but I am posting them now in hopes that it will rain. Usually our rainy season starts in late October/early November and goes strong through March. Then we have a dry period for the rest of the year. It's no mid-January and we've not yet had any real rain this winter.

That looks like it may change, however, as the forecast is full of wet days starting tomorrow. I really, really hope this happens. For as much as I dislike cold, damp, dreary days it's making me depressed *not* to have them because there is no ignoring the strange changes in climate and what this means for our future.


laundrygirl said...

Mackerel clouds... hmmm, who knew?
Yes, it heard rain is coming so today I have been trying to paint as many sculptures as I can before the sun goes down.
I hope all is well with you! I have a new blog that you can find by clicking the link...

Foto Clipping said...

beautiful clouds....... Really liked it.


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Lisawhite said...

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