Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pattern Inspiration - African Wax Prints

I am so in love with these fabric designs. Such fantastic colors and patterns. I could look at them on google images for hours.

Part of me wishes I'd bought more capulanas while in Mozambique. I am particularly regretful that I didn't buy multiples of this gorgeous blue, green and brown bird print fabric. I keep hoping I'll find it for sale somewhere online, but no luck thus far.


Unknown said...

Have you been to discount fabrics in San Francisco? They have SO MUCH to see and they have a selection of fabrics from all over the world.
They are on 11th and Howard in SF.

aimee said...

They're beautiful Ali. I've always loved anything African. The best shopping experience I had was in Mombasa. Then I got mugged:(

Anonymous said...

I LOVE wax prints. I've been waiting on someone to come out with some dresses that are priced for high fashion hussies only!


Isa2 said...

Nice to see a post on Wax Prints. Gem isn't the only one wishing for high-end Wax fashions! If anyone knows folks producing fancy garments with Wax, let me know and I'll post a link at my blog

Best Wishes to All

Ali Ambrosio said...

I love all of the Vlisco fashions and am sad to see (from what I've discovered on their website) that they don't sell ready to wear fashions. You apparently have to find a tailor or someone who is making wax print clothes already to get an outfit similar to what Vlisco is putting out in their collections.