Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm starting to play the "lasts game", whereby multiple parts of my day are classified as the LAST time I will do something during this chapter of Maputo: walk up the Caracol, eat pizza from Mundos, cook in my kitchen with my collection of spices, go to the wood market, wake up on a Wednesday morning.

Of course, I can always come back for a visit and do all of these things and more, but thinking about our departure in this manner actually grounds me and helps make it real. Despite all the premature pining for friends and sensory memories, can you believe that it's still not completely hit me that we are moving? It does in flashes, but for the most part it still feels like each day will lead to the next just as it has for the last 4.5+ years. I can't fathom quite yet that one week from today we will be arriving in the San Francisco airport, 3 cats and a whole lot of luggage in tow, and that we will go pick up our new car and drive to our new house.


I've got a very busy day ahead of me, so I'd best get on it. Despite the pain of waking up at 5:30, it's been lovely to have a quiet bit of the morning to myself to drink coffee, play with the cats, blog and listen to the songbirds call in the sun.


Masd said...

As you are moving out of Maputo I will miss Maputo posts. Through you I came to know much about Mozambique. You like early rising so do I.

Ali la Loca said...

~Masd - I actually think I will write more about Maputo and Mozambique once we move away. Obviously being here is a great inspiration to write, but there are also limitations I feel because I am a public blogger and regularly interact with people - both professionally and socially - who read my posts. Sometimes it's easier to be candid when you are a bit removed from the context.

Jmo said...

Ali, I am so excited to have you back in the states for a while. Maybe you already know this, but hallie and kevin and I will be in SF for a friend's wedding reception the weekend of Oct 24. We should play!