Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Today I will:

- drink several cups of coffee

- make a double batch of Amarula brownies

- ignore my tendonitis for a few hours

- put on gold jeweled sandals

- make several pairs of earrings out of trade beads

- remove as much cat hair from the sofas as possible

- have a glass of vinho verde

- hammer and oxidize some silver components

...all in preparation for my last jewelry sale in Mozambique. Hardly seems possible!

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Fly Brother said...

As you know, I have to catch up on the New Adventures of La Loca y Casicali (my own name for your house, since your home'll never be completely Californian, sino a mix of all your travels). Because of a family emergency, I'll be rerouting the RTW and stopping through The Bay for my birthday weekend, Oct 28-Nov 1. Keep ya posted.