Thursday, July 02, 2009

First Year of Forever

Photos by Leandro Joras.

My plan was to upload multiple photos from our wedding in commemoration of our first anniversary - you know, the getting ready shots, the church shots, the party shots, the after-party shots...but my damn computer is *so* slow that I've only managed to do the first bit. You can appreciate my makeup and my shoes. Lovely, no?

Hopefully I will have a bit more bandwith (and patience) once we are back from our romantic weekend in South Africa.

Until then, here's to an incredible year as Mrs. Amaro!


Jo Ann v. said...

Oh waw.
You know, your wedding made me want to get married ! Not the party or the dress, but just the "marriage" feeling, the magic of all of it !

Happy (soon) first anniversary ! :-)

judy in ky said...

Lovely, yes!

abby said...

Amusingly my first year anniversary is July 12th.

nola said...

Awesome shoes ... though comfortable they do not appear. :)


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous photographs! The first one has awesome colours! It looks nothing like you; it's stunning! What great photography. However, you are very pretty in all your other non-professional photos too. :)

What a beautiful life. Congratulations!

JOSÉ said...

Congratulations to a wonderful couple!

The Girl from Mozambique said...


Monkey McWearingChaps said...


Jo Ann v. said...

I love the one with the veil !

Ali la Loca said...

~Jo Ann - It was magical, I have to say. Obviously my opinion is unbiased. ;)

~Judy in KY - Thank you. It's been fun reliving the moment on our anniversary.

~Abby - Happy anniversary in advance! I hope you post some photos for us to see.

~Nola - They are awesome. Constança Bastos, a brazilian designer. And they were more comfortable than they appear, although I had sore feet for a couple days after the wedding from dancing too much.

~Anonymous - I'm hoping your comment came across in a way you didn't intend. Comments can be tricky like that. But regardless, yes, the photographer was fabulous.

~José - Obrigada!!

~The Girl from Moz - Thanks, it has been fun to go through these and post them.

~Monkey - Girl, I have to pinch myself to this day to remind myself that's really *my* wedding and *our* house and *my* fabulous life. I'm blessed, for sure.

~Jo Ann - I can't wait to get this one in a frame.