Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A lo Literario

Opening a new browser window, with the intention of visiting this site (one of the very few constants between one day and the next in my life - I drink coffee, take a shower and read celebrity gossip online), I hit enter too quickly and ended up being taken to the first-ranked page on a Google search that corresponded to about half of the web address I'd meant to type.

I ended up here.

Couldn't be two more polar opposites in terms of culture. I think I received a divine intervention telling me that I need less Perez and more Proust.


Marie said...

Ah ! nice. De Perez Hilton au Père Lachaise, intervention divine, c'est sûr ! (though a lot of celebrities are buried in that cemetery, not just writers - a lot of actors as well, and Jim Morisson...)

Ali la Loca said...

~Marie - I was amazed by the list of all the people buried in that cemetery. I had no idea! It made me want to visit should I ever be in Paris again...