Thursday, March 21, 2013

Networking: Moving to Mozambique

Morning light at Casa Cali.
Sitting here in our living room at Casa Cali enjoying the subtle colors of the morning, I am struck by how many emails I still recieve. I am so happy that, 3.5 years after leaving Mozambique, this blog continues to be useful and relevant to those of you considering moving there. Even though my advice is increasingly outdated, I am always happy to offer an opinion or suggestion to those who write me.

I was wondering if some of you who are in Moz now might offer some more current tips to the readers of this blog in the comments here. Specifically:

- What are housing prices like these days?
- How did you find your housing? What do you recommend for others?
- How did you find work?
- How have you managed to make friends?

Any input would be greatly appreciated to keep this space and my advice as current and relevant as possible!

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