Friday, March 29, 2013


I am currently killing time in the print lab at school, reminded of all the times I used to blog from internet cafes in Maputo and Rio. Here at Casa Cali, I blog from home. It's a different feeling, for sure.

I am waiting for these giant hemisphere maps to print, 36 inches across. I found the originals at the Alameda Antiques Fair last month and thought they would go well with my senior show. The maps are from the late 1800's and show the world as it no longer exists. I scanned them, enlarged them, and am printing them as a test for a large wall piece I plan to make for my thesis exposition. I want to use it to show where the various materials I'm using come from, to provide a visual reference for the places that have influenced me over the years. Sort of like a giant legend for all of my pieces.

I'm not sure yet about all the details, but there is only one way to figure it out, and that's by doing it. I envision printing the maps on aluminum for the installation and riveting the materials onto the surface. I also have an idea about multiple layers, but again I'm not sure exactly how it will all come together.

If I've learned one thing over the past few years, it's that the first attempt will rarely be the final form that something takes. You have to try, try again, and often try several more times before your vision is attained. Here's to starting this process early.

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