Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Moment in Gerunds

Listening: to "American Boy" by Estelle, featuring Kanye West. I love this song, I love this video. I especially love that I can see it on TV Trace, one of three fabulous music channels we get with our basic cable package. TV Trace is out of France and is very urban-focused, including lots of Latino and African music; Channel O is South Africa's answer to MTV - I love watching their country-specific programs and getting acquainted with Nigerian, Angolan, etc. music; Afro-Music channel is all in Portuguese and features a mix of Luso-African music and lots of Zouk and artists from Congo.

Coveting: clothes from some of my favorite shops in Brazil: Cantão, Shop 126, M. Officer, Claudia Simões and Corpo e Alma. Can't wait to go shopping in Rio!

Missing: Rico. He left yesterday for Brazil to make sure the remodeling of the Casa Rosa is on track. The wedding reception will be in our house, and we've done some significant work on it that needs to be ready within the next couple of weeks.

Cursing: the massive downpour of rain that soaked me this afternoon and left the cat boxes soggy. Oh, and the black cat who vomited all over my shoes (this makes the 3rd time).

Smelling: the wet scent of asphalt mixed with earth and garbage. It's actually not unpleasant.

Craving: picanha, crusty ciabatta bread, cherry tomatoes and arugula.

Planning: to go to a garage sale this evening to see if there are any pieces of furniture or random appliances I'd like to pick up for our flat.

Wondering: how to get out a massive stain on one of my favorite shirts from a bottle of spray sunscreen that leaked from my necessaire while in Swaziland.

Remembering: going to the balloon fiesta each year when I was younger. Today Google featured a sketch of a hot air balloon and I immediately knew what the special date was - the anniversary of the first hot air balloon flight. My favorite balloon growing up was always the Mongolfier, a beautiful old-world design with royal blue and gold designs. I imagine this is a unique aspect to childhood in New Mexico: having a favorite hot air balloon.

Thinking: that I don't feel like leaving the house, despite the lure of second-hand shelves and toaster ovens. It's chilly, I'm in pajamas, the TV is on, and there is a warm cat curled up in my lap.


catron said...

So funny...the weather is Recife is often what you are describing in Moz. Today we had an insane downpour, Sam came to work and brought me a pair of flip flops in order to get home. It has been chilly tea drinking weather (chilly being relative of course)as well. If I had a TV I would definitely be watching it, instead I think I am going to watch French Kiss on the computer. Ugh. I am limited to my school's region 1 DVDs and it is getting ugly. I almost had to get a Lindsey Lohan movie.

I wish we had Shop 126 here...I still wear all the clothes we bought there in 2000!! Time for an update...

Safiya Outlines said...

Ooh a balloon fiesta sounds fabulous!

Hot air ballooning was more popular in the 80's , I think, as they were a common site then.

Ali la Loca said...

~Catron - After yesterday's downpour, today it is crisp, sunny weather. Aaah, winter in the tropical southern hemisphere. :) We actually have pretty good TV here considering it is a basic cable package - lots of international channels, and Fox Life for mindless sitcoms and drama series.

I also still wear Shop 126 from 2000!! The fact that the clothes have resisted Mozambique washing conditions makes me realize that for some things it is worth spending a bit more to get quality.

~Safiya - The balloon fiesta in Albuquerque is the city's largest tourist attraction, and is the largest such festival in the world. I don't know the current numbers, but it's something crazy like 1,000 balloons going up at the same time at dawn (the mass ascension - IMO, the best part).