Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chove Chuva, Chove Sem Parar...

For the non-lusophone out there, it continues to drizzle and rain. The skies are gray and heavy, and we haven't seen the sun in 4 whole days. Beth washed our clothes the other day because I'd run out of long pants and wintery things in general, but they hang damp and cold on the line, forcing me to wear variations of the same outfit yet again. I don't really mind this weather - it's nice to bundle up a bit and have endless mugs of tea and coffee - but my secret hope is that all the gloominess this week simply means it will be beautiful sunshine and clear skies for the wedding.

Even if it rains, however, it won't be a disaster. We are spending an arm and a leg to cover the courtyard with a temporary awning in case of bad weather, so at least we'll have the satisfaction that it wasn't money down the drain in case it does rain on our wedding. And, as Rico's brother told me the other day, rain on a wedding brings good luck. Apparently it pissed down rain when they got married several years ago in Búzios, a beach wedding, and now Rico's brother and his wife have just welcomed their first child to the world.

I got a haircut yesterday (finally!) after 3 months of snipping my hair at home using nail clippers, and having my friend A. clean up the back with kitchen shears one day when we were over for beers and a braai. Given the potential for disaster, I have to say my hair wasn't looking that bad, but I was aching for a proper cut and style.

I am super happy with the results - I told César, the hairdresser recommended by my makeup artist, that my dress was 1920s-inspired and looked a bit flamenco-ish in the skirt. I said I wanted something easy to deal with, that I could literally wash and wear. He went to work, and now I have a haircut that, while not radically different from what I had before, is exactly what I was hoping for and makes me look as if I could join the women with long dresses and cigarette holders in the pages of an old French calendar whose pages I've framed and hung in the stairwell.

Yesterday we met with the DJ and put in music requests. The party should have a great soundtrack, complete with Freshlyground, the only specific artist Rico and I wanted to include in the reception music. I am excited - I think it is going to be a really fun party. In a few hours we are meeting with the wedding planner and the Reverend. We're meant to do some pre-marital counseling, and I'm guessing today we will find out more of the details. I'm actually looking forward to it. ;)


Amber said...



The Girl from Mozambique said...

Yes, picture please. And here's to a lovely wedding day cara.

Guilherme said...

Jesus, you are one bundle of energy, aren't you?
Rain is good luck indeed; deixa rolar...

david santos said...

I loved this post.
Happy day

Stacie said... PLEASE!
It rained buckets on my wedding was outside and the rain held off until 20 minutes after the wedding...then it was like a hurricane. Shayne promised me it wouldn't rain on our ceremony...and he delivered. And I am happily married 10 years maybe that rain business is right!!! I am thinking of your stylish wedding in the hip part of has to be gratifying to know your vision of the place was right on....ha!!!