Friday, May 09, 2014

My Latest Work

"You make me happy when skies are gray". 2"x2". Brooch made with repurposed treasures collected as a child and found in my grandmother's drawers, Brazilian golden grass (capim dourado), sterling silver, copper. Ali Amaro, 2014. photo by Mathew Furuta.

Back view of "You make me happy when skies are gray." I am especially happy with the way I attached the objects to the was a risk to ball up those wires with a torch, but I am so pleased with the patina and charred marks that were left behind. Photo by Mathew Furuta.
"Trade Bead and Texture Drops". 3"x0.5". Dried acrylic slices (made with leftover paint from murals created for the California Hotel in Oakland), Xing Dynasty Chinese enameled beads, Mozambique Island shipwreck trade beads (these particular blue beads are called "dutch donuts"), chrysocolla drops, 14k gold, sterling silver. Ali Amaro, 2014. Photo by Mathew Furuta.

Detail of "Trade Bead and Texture Drops". Photo by Mathew Furuta.


Mandi | No Apathy Allowed said...

Wow, lovely! The earrings are especially beautiful. Glad to see you're following your dreams and pursuing something you love.

Ali la Loca said...

~Mandi - Thank you so much. I am having to pinch myself these days...I'm really happy doing jewelry full time. Hope you are well, too! xx