Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pojagi-Inspired Textiles

Our first assignment in the Printing, Dyeing, Painting textiles class I'm taking at school was to make a pojagi-inspired piece (pojagi is a type of Korean textile used as a wrapping cloth, traditionally made in patchwork style out of silk organza).

The panels I made were created through a multi-step process: silk degumming with clamp resist, light indigo bath, tied resist with tiny rubber bands, dyeing in a deep rust color, tied resist, discharge of color using theox. The final result was incredible, especially when the discharge solution took the warm rust color to a teal hue and then a light green. Some of the panels remind me of aerial maps.

To finish the project, I stitched the seams using a flat-felled technique so that they lay flat and the piece is essentially reversible. I am so glad I learned to sew over the summer. It makes textile work so much more gratifying because I can make exciting final pieces instead of just having many beautifully dyed and printed raw pieces of cloth. These particular pieces became scarves and were gifted to some lovely ladies in my life.

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