Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today is my birthday.* Sometimes I have total blanks when it comes to my age and honestly can't remember if I'm turning 26 or 29. Apparently this problem applies to others as well because the other day I told our neighbor that Rico is 28 (he turned 30 earlier this year).

The highlight of my day today was lunch with my mom and Rico at this lovely French restaurant in Marin County. It was not where we'd planned to go, but today was one of those days where scheduling anything seemed futile. There was a giant rainstorm - remanants of a typhoon - that soaked the Bay and made you appreciate what it must be like to drive in a wind tunnel. We got lost in the city, stuck in terrible traffic when they closed the bridge we needed to cross to go home, and took an improvised but beautiful detour around San Pablo Bay as a result.

It was one of those days when, upon finally arriving back at Casa Cali at the end of the day, all I wanted to do was put on a pair of slippers, curl up with a blanket and watch Law and Order. Rico bought us a bottle of Moet and some Fiddle Faddle popcorn at the local market to prepare for the trash TV marathon, and the friendly clerk there threw in a pint of Haagen Dazs on the house. This is the kind of neighborhood we live in. People look out for each other, bring gifts of baked goods for no apparent reason, give free ice cream treats. :)

Rico and I are still loving our new home. Every day I actually look forward to waking up early, having coffee while looking at the view over the water, and planning what useful things I will do throughout the day. The previous owners of our house completely abandoned the garden, and now Rico and I have massive, overgrowth thickets of blackberries, ivy and weeds to tame. Blackberries are much better as an end product than as a backyard resident. They are full of thorns and put down root systems that put all other plants to shame. We have to wear double-layer kevlar gloves to even have a chance at cutting back the blackberries. It's hard work, but definitely satisfying (especially when we think of what the garden will look like in the spring).

Being in Casa Cali is an exciting way to start out being 28. I have a good feeling about what the coming year will bring.

* My birthday is actually October 13th. I need to update my google settings because they are apparently still on Maputo time (where it is already tomorrow).


laundrygirl said...

Happy Birthday! You were on my mind as I wore my earrings you made to my art show this past weekend!

Gem said...

Happy Birthday. My husband and I have couch/blanket/Law and Order marathons too. I am glad you are enjoying yourself!

Teri said...

Happy birthday! Hope it's a wonderful year:)

RD said...

A belated happy birthday, Ali. And so glad to hear you are enjoying your new home. Sounds lovely.

nola said...

Happy belated birthday!!

So true about the blackberries. Glad you're so loving your Casa Cali!

Mbini said...

Hey gal, I cant imagine how it feels being home after all these years. I am browsing the blog with the hope of spotting the house photos. They have to be here somewhere, don't they?

Enjoy your 28 years. Thats so young. And I also don't usually know how old I am. But now I have my son to remind me. He cant believe how old I am.

Happy belated, gal.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!
Libras are the coolest, smartest, most fun people around, right? ; )